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Eye pulse massager (Goggle only)

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Small and Portable

With its slim design, lightweight structure, it is easy to carry around. It can be used to relax at home, office and outdoors;

Accurate contacts

24 low-frequency pulses to stimulate acupoints, massage mode, electrotherapy mode can be switched at will, effectively relieve your eye fatigue

High safety

Made of non-toxic food-grade silicone, safe and non-irritating

Product packaging

Eye mask × 1 pcs, Elastic headband × 1 pcs, EVA box × 1 pcs

    Why chose Icupping ?


    FDA approval

    Easy cleaning

    Acid and alkali resistant detergent

    Gift packing

    Plastic box and meth bag

    Quality guarantee

    One year warranty


    How to use the product?

    It is used in conjunction with Icupping electrode unit equipment .
    (PS: Please use with 2mm connector electrode unit)

    What type of payments are accepted?

    We accept PayPal and MasterCard, VisaCard ,America Express,Shop Pay,Apple Pay,Google Pay.


    The cargo will be shipping from Hong Kong warehouse once we get the order.It will be delivery by air in 7 to 10 days.


    Precautions (as directed by a doctor)
    01. This product is not recommended for those under 12 years old.
    02. Not recommended for myopia ≥600°.
    03. Do not use for those who currently or have suffered from eye diseases (strabismus, cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, fundus hemorrhage, floaters, abnormal intraocular pressure).
    04. Those who have done eye laser/myopia surgery (full femtosecond, half femtosecond, ICL lens implantation, etc.) or facial surgery, please consult a doctor after recovery, and use it as directed by the doctor.
    05. If the face shape is too small, the eye mask may not fit effectively, causing the device to fail to start. You can apply gel or increase the moisture around the eyes or adjust the headband properly, but be careful not to press the eyeballs.
    06. Do not wear contact lenses during use.
    07. It should be used with caution in patients undergoing treatment, patients with fever, patients with high blood pressure, patients with acute diseases, patients with malignant tumors and patients with blood diseases.
    08. Patients with skin diseases, allergies, sensitive and fragile skin, hereditary dermatitis, and patients who are confirmed to be unable to sense temperature should be used with caution.
    09. People who are drunk, pregnant, menstrual and breastfeeding, and those who are taking sleeping pills should be used with caution.
    10. The cosmetic part needs to be fully recovered after 30 days before use. If there is a prosthesis, you need to avoid the prosthesis.