What type of payments are accepted?
We accept PayPal and MasterCard, VisaCard ,America Express,Shop Pay,Apple Pay,Google Pay.
What is the material of the product?
Food grade liquid silicone material. CE certification and FDA approval.
How much is shipping? 
Usually you can see the shipping freight when you check out.
Where will the product ship from ?
The cupping will shipping from US ,Canada,Gremany and Chinese warehouse.
What is cupping?
Cupping an ancient method,is one of the most underrated and misunderstood treatment modalities on our planet today.The main dark area of confusion around cupping is the bruising.The bruising might seem brutal, barbaric and meaningless,but it is through the bruising that the real magic happens,and where the full healing potential and power is unleashed.
Why do people recommend Icupping brand cupping?
Originated from Hong Kong Green Island TCM Group Co., Ltd., we are the inventor and patent holder of  this cupping. Production of this product for more than 15 years. The cupping is made of food grade silicone material, with moderate hardness, beautiful and fashionable, and easy to operate.
Are there any bruises after cupping?
The negative pressure generated by cupping will cause the capillary walls under the skin to rupture, resulting in bruising. This is a normal phenomenon. Everyone will have bruises after cupping, and the color will vary.
Why do some athletes need cupping?
We have seen many athletes in the Olympic track and field and swimming with traces of cupping. This is because cupping has a positive effect on athletes' performance improvement and sports rehabilitation. They can speed up blood circulation, provide lung capacity, and relax muscles through cupping.