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Eye Pulse Massager

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     Description Eye Pulse Massager
    Color Purple
    Voltage 5 V
    Battery AAA 
    Function Relieve pressure,massage,acupuncture
    Packaging List EVA box,Massage Instrument * 1, Instruction * 1, Connect cable *1,Low frequency pulse controller * 1
    After-salse service 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    Origin Subject to the contents of physical product packaging and display

    Massage function

    Through the instrument and the eye of the eye contact with the eye of the eye massage, so that the eye muscles with the pulse frequency of constant change and continue to shake, in order to carry out the depth of massage.

    Magnetic function

    Instrument pulse frequency through the eye mask electrode on the eye acupoints produce magnetic field, so that the body magnetic field to be straightened to achieve the treatment and prevention of eye diseases.

    Electrotherapy function

    From the instrument pulse wave, in the eyes of the various points of movement, to stimulate the eye parts of the nerve, activate the eye, to promote the eye nerve recovery work, improve disease recovery.

    Acupuncture function

    The instrument through the goggles electrode into the human body, can continue to have a certain degree of pressure on the acupoints, so that the role of acupuncture acupuncture points.

    Cover function

    Goggles design with 24 electrode sensing points, at the same time on the eye "fish waist" "eyes" and more than 20 points at the same time pulse stimulation, so that eye treatment has the desired effect