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Electromagnetic Cupping Therapy Kit

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Non-toxic material

    electromagnetic cupping therapy

    The detail you want to know


    Model: KZQ-01
    Power sources:  D.C. /6.0V
    Frequency :  1 Hz-125Hz
    Pulse Width: 30μs-380μs
    Waveform: Biphasic square wave
    Output Intensity Level: 0-60 levels
    Weight: 1600g

    Inventor and patent holder

    The inventor of silicone cupping has once again revolutionized the product.  This product has been approved by FDA and CE.  Once launched, it has been praised and sought after by the physiotherapists.  

    Portable design

    Portable cupping design, no fire, air gun.Press adsorption, they can be used repeatedly.Food grade silicone material,can be applied to shoulder,waist,knee,hands, feet, legs, joints and other parts.

    Advanced chip

    Electromagnetic controller adopts advanced low frequency pulse control chip, which is safe, comfortable and convenient.


    This product integrates the functions of electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, acupuncture, cupping and massage, so as to stimulate nerve and muscle tissue, promote blood circulation, and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects