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Electricmagnetic cupping 3 cups

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Inheriting the essence of TCM

Innovating on traditional cupping, combining cupping, magnetic therapy, acupuncture and electrotherapy in one

Authoritative product

Food grade silicone material, transparent and pure. FDA Approved

Multi-purpose use

Cupping, slide cupping, electrotherapy and pain relief

The product contains 3 cups

XL×1 pcs, L×1 pcs, M×1 pcs, EVA box×1 pcs

    Why chose Icupping ?


    FDA approval

    Easy cleaning

    Acid and alkali resistant detergent

    Gift packing

    Plastic box and meth bag

    Quality guarantee

    One year warranty



    How to use the product?

    It is used in conjunction with Icupping electrode unit equipment .
    (PS: Please use with 2mm connector electrode unit)

    What type of payments are accepted?

    We accept PayPal and MasterCard, VisaCard ,America Express,Shop Pay,Apple Pay,Google Pay.


    The cargo will be shipping from Hong Kong warehouse once we get the order.It will be delivery by air in 7 to 10 days.


    Regardless of the technique used, the skin and soft tissues sucked are elevated to the level above the cup mouth as a result of the negative pressure in the cup. On cupping, the patient may have a feeling of distention, traction, heat, tension, or cold around the cupping site. After removing the cup, the area of skin will change into a red or purple color. This is a normal reaction and will disappear quickly. No management is required.
    Although cupping therapy is a non-invasive, treatment and keep-fit method, it may cause local or whole body adverse reactions due to incorrect application. Therefore, please note the following:
    1) Avoid cold air during the cupping procedure. The room should be warm and draught-free during treatment.
    2) If the patient feels intense pain and traction on cupping, you can hold the cup with one hand and press the skin near edge of the cup to make a very slight gap between cup and the skin, allowing some air to enter the jar and reducing the negative pressure. You may also reapply the cupping.
    3) Bruising marks and itching of the skin area should disappear after several hours or a few days without management. In the meantime, do not scratch the skin.
    4) If some blisters develop after cupping, pierce the blisters with a sterilized needle and squeeze it to expel the fluids, then apply a small amount of topical disinfectant on it to prevent infection. Apply a dressing to keep the area of skin clean and dry.