Usage of Facial Cup

● Apply cream or nourishing cream or oil to you skin
● Squeeze the Massage Cup in the middle
● Press the cup’s mouth to your skin and release, gentle drawing the skin into the cup Using both hands, move the cup smoothly in straight-lines, circles, and zig-zags
● 5-10 minutes massage is appropriate

● Apply cream or nourishing oil to your face.
● Massage the face and neck, then start at the chin and use strokes back along the jaw to the ear.
● Follow with more strokes from the ear along the sinuses to the nose.
● Now the forehead, upward stokes starting between the eyebrows, followed by outward strokes moving towards and along the hair-line, before dropping all the way down to the neck to the collar bone. Tone the skin afterwards
● Use 2-3 times a week for best results.