How to use the cupping?

Therapy involves the use of cups, which have the immediate effect of influencing the fascia.Icupping cups are made of food grade silicone. Before being applied to the skin, they are pressed or squeezed by hand, and on contact with the skin, the vacuum effect is created, which will pull the soft tissues inside them, thus stimulating blood and lymph circulation. In this video, we present the technique of manipulating the fascia with the help of suction cups. To create pressure, use silicone cups, press deeply and move easily on the skin. The technique is applied on the back but is suitable for massage and treatment in various areas of the body.

We recommend using the cream or essential oil in conjunction with the treatment process. They can reduces the sensation of tension and itching and makes the skin more elastic. The combination of special ingredients helps the cream protect, strengthen and support skin regeneration. The scars become softer and smoother.

Sliding cupping involves the use of a suction cup in the treatment area and is moved on the surface of the skin, usually along the meridians or fascial planes. When sliding the cup on the surface of the body, you can easily feel the tense areas. Although cupping therapy can be considered a massage technique, the execution techniques are diametrically opposed. If in the manual massage the tissues are pressed deeply, in Cupping they are raised. The technique increases the relaxation of the fascia, reducing pain and stimulating the infusion. Cupping also creates a lot of space between the tissues, which will help eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body.