What's cupping?

Most people think of cupping is the mystical treatment that top athletes do and yes it works amazingly on sports performance for cover and injury.But did you know there is so much more it can do for you.Cupping an ancient method,is one of the most underrated and misunderstood treatment modalities on our planet today.The mysterious powers and understanding of this ancient method is still a secret and hidden from the majority of people.The main dark area of confusion around cupping is the bruising.

The bruising might seem brutal, barbaric and meaningless,but it is through the bruising that the real magic happens,and where the full healing potential and power is unleashed.To understand this we have to look at what is happening under our skin.Under our skin there are thousands of capillaries,and their job is to trade oxygen and nutrients for waste products from the whole body .This beautiful capillaries are very vulnerable to stress.So When stress builds up and cumulates in the body,the capillaries they contract,and over time they get stiff and calcified and die,and they can no longer function and we get a buildup of poor tissue that feels dead,and hard and cold and painful ,fatigue pain stiffness and even brain fog can all be symptoms of poor circulation.

And this damage is admissible for most measuring methods.You can't see this damage on a blood sample or a normal x-ray machine.The only permanent and effective solution to this situation is to break down the poor issue. If we want the body hit the restart button and raise the build up stress.We have to break the old tissue down,so the body can rebuild tissue and start a regrowth new capillaries. The bruising stimulates self-healing and repair.

Cupping is one of the very few treatment modalities.That effectively and safely breaks down poor tissue that's been damaged.